What’s New with Artificial Intelligence?

n this episode of the Digital Learning Podcast, Matt and Holly discuss the latest developments in artificial intelligence and how they impact education. They highlight the benefits of using AI in education, such as the ability to use AI to assist with lesson planning. They also discuss the impact of ChatGPT4 and ChatGPT5, along with other tools that are beginning to integrate AI into their user experience.

More AI resources:

ChatGPT, Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence in Education from Ditch That Textbook

AI just stormed into the classroom with the emergence of ChatGPT. How do we teach now that it exists? How can we use it? This post provides an overview of ChatGPT and tons of resources about AI and it's place in the classroom.

30 AI Tools for the Classroom from Ditch That Textbook

Artificial intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds. It's no longer science fiction anymore! 

Lots of AI tools can serve as our own personal assistants -- answering questions, helping us write text, create images, speak more effectively, and more.

Time has always been a barrier in the classroom. Most teachers would agree that they would be able to do more -- including the things that are most important -- if they had more time.

Teachers can find AI tools that are ready to help them out right now. Lots of them are free or have "freemium" plans with limited free options.

Check out 30 AI tools and ready how you can start using them to support your work in class.

All Ditch That Textbook AI Posts

Check out all of the AI posts on the Ditch That Textbook blog.


AI for Educators book by Matt Miller

Artificial intelligence may change the world more than the iPhone, the internet, or even electricity.

It’s bound to change education. (It already has.) But how?

AI for Educators is a readable guide for educators.

  • It translates AI through a teacher lens.
  • It provides practical ideas you can use in class right away.
  • It unlocks powerful ways to streamline teaching and save time.
  • It also paints a picture of the future our students will face—and provides questions you can help them grapple with.

We can use AI to empower teaching and learning. And it can start today.


The AI Infused Classroom book by Holly Clark

Ready or not . . . AI is here. Now. And it has concerned and curious educators asking questions:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of artificial intelligence (AI) models, like ChatGPT?
  • How do ChatGPT and other large language models change things like the writing process?
  • What do we need to understand about large language models (LLMs) and AI’s ability to transform how—and how quickly—we can communicate with our students and peers?
  • How can we teach students to use AI appropriately and in ways that enhance their learning experiences?

With the right mindset, the right questions, and the right strategies, you can use AI to create and broaden meaningful learning experiences for every student.


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