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When the summer comes around, it's definitely time to relax, disconnect and recharge your batteries. But it's also ME time, where you get to learn what you want to learn. Thankfully, there are tons of professional learning opportunities over the summer. In today's episode, Matt shares lots of the things he's excited about. 

  • AI Infused Classroom: A free learning event -- Inspiring ideas to shift teaching and maximize learning in a world of AI, 10 sessions, 10 days, 10 challenges. Sessions come out July 15 to Aug 15. ... Register to get the ChatGPT and AI in Education Resources Slides, including: AI bias and misinformation help guide, quick start guide for teachers and students, and AI lesson upgrade ideas. Register for FREE here
  • Wakelet Community Week -- "promises to be the biggest, boldest, and most exciting online EdTech event of the year!" Immerse yourself in a week of exclusive sessions, keynotes, networking, and giveaways - boosting your professional development, and helping you unpack the latest trends in education.
    Sessions on student portfolios, digital citizenship, the 5 C's, mindfulness in a STEM environment, esports, "the Wakelet yoga retreat", school community
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    Get details here
    Register here
  • Cypress-Fairbanks Digital Learning Conference: Please plan to join us for two days of amazing presenters from many EdTech experts. Participants can earn up to 16 hours of professional development credit.  July 26-27. All online, all free. Get info, speakers, session links and more here.
  • Awesome Teacher Summer: PD bingo choice board: There are lots of free PD opportunities over the summer! Find what gets you excited and get signed up. Here are dozens of opportunities -- including a PD bingo choice board! See the post
  • The AI Infused Classroom book -- Ready or not . . . AI is here. Now. And it has concerned and curious educators asking questions:
    What are the strengths and weaknesses of artificial intelligence (AI) models, like ChatGPT?
    How do ChatGPT and other AI tools change the writing process?
    What do we need to understand about large language models (LLMs) and AI’s ability to transform how—and how quickly—we can communicate with our students and peers?
    How can we teach students to use AI appropriately and in ways that enhance their learning experiences?
    Open-source, content-creating AI models are a relatively new addition to the education landscape—and they are the next step for edtech tools.
    The key to successfully integrating any edtech tool, Clark says, is to focus on the deep learning and masterful pedagogy teachers can achieve with educational shifts, like the one the world is currently experiencing. Yes, things will change, but AI does not replace the need for well-trained and highly qualified teachers in the classroom. In fact, students need educators’ guidance, now more than ever, to ensure they are prepared for the world of AI.
    With the right mindset, the right questions, and the right strategies, you can use AI to create and broaden meaningful learning experiences for every student. 
    Buy on Amazon (paperback)
  • AI for Educators book: Artificial intelligence may change the world more than the iPhone, the internet, or even electricity.
    It’s bound to change education. (It already has.) But how?
    AI for Educators is a readable guide for educators.
    • It translates AI through a teacher lens.
    • It provides practical ideas you can use in class right away.
    • It unlocks powerful ways to streamline teaching and save time.
    It also paints a picture of the future our students will face—and provides questions you can help them grapple with.
    We can use AI to empower teaching and learning. And it can start today.
    Buy on Amazon (paperback/Kindle ebook)
  • AI for Educators online course: It's a four-week course, offered in the spring, in the summer, and during back-to-school time. (Dates below.)
    It features a live video session each week (that can be watched as a video replay).
    You get tons of helpful resources. Each week, you'll get lesson ideas, videos, downloadable PDFs, and more.
    It's interactive! You can comment during the live video sessions. Plus, you can interact with participants in comments in the course.
    Upon completion, you'll get a certificate of completion for five (5) hours of professional development credit
    Keep the course materials (videos, resources, etc.) forever. No expiration.
    Register for the summer cohort (June 12-July 7)
    Register for the back to school cohort (July 31 to August 25)


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