Lessons in AI from an AI App Developer

Everyone seems to be talking about artificial intelligence right now -- and its impact on education. Now that ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence assistants are going mainstream, how does it affect education? We've discussed this with educators. Now let's talk to someone in the tech industry. In this episode, Matt interviews Jens Seip, co-founder and CEO of Curipod, an AI tool that will build you interactive presentation slides on any topic. He shares insight from inside the tech landscape -- plus some tips and things that teachers should keep in mind.

Curipod website: https://curipod.com/

Generate a ready-to-use interactive slide deck right now: https://curipod.com/ai

Follow Curipod on Twitter: https://twitter.com/curipodofficial

Follow Jens on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JensSeip


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